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How can I use the on-demand whitelisting?

To request whitelisting for a set of properties, follow these steps:
Go to your Portfolio > Assets and click “Whitelist”
Read the explanation at the top of the modal. Make sure you understand it!
Click “Add Request” to get started.
Select the properties you want whitelisted from the dropdown. You will only see properties that you have not been whitelisted for.
When you have made your selections, click “Submit”.
You should receive a signature request packet to your email inbox. Please sign it and check all required boxes. Until your signature request packet is complete, we cannot fulfill your request. Your whitelist request will be processed by our backoffice once you have completed your document signing process. Keep in mind that we expect a large number of requests at first, so fulfillment times may be longer than expected. You can now buy your tokens on the properties of your choice on a secondary market like Levinswap.