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What happens if RealT were to go out of business?

RealT (RealToken Inc.), our manager, is not one of the limited liability companies (LLC) which own the asset in which you are investing.
Each LLC would continue to remain in existence as a separate legal entity for property holding, tax, accounting, liability, and member ownership purposes. Regardless of what happens to RealToken Inc., the assets and the RealTokens of an LLC would remain independent and intact.
The RealTokens would still represent and evidence ownership of the property contained in the LLC and, as such, could be transferred in the market, as needed, so long as applicable securities transfer rules are complied with.
You, therefore, remain the owner of your tokens!
If there is a liquidation of RealT Inc (which is not the goal, let's be clear!), a new Managing Member would be appointed. This could be a lawyer on a temporary basis, an accountant, or even the biggest Holder for example.
RealT will integrate in the future a governance system in order to simplify all these decision-making and allow full involvement of TokenHolders.